Sayings of Master Takaichi Sayanagi

I had occasional opportunities to receive the teaching and the attitude of Aikido concretely from the deceased Master Takaichi Sayanagi for only 6 years between October of 1993 to July 17 of 1999. He, studied and practiced Aikido more than 50 years, persuaded and taught me Aikido with intelligible and plain explanations. Whenever I received his words and stories I felt as if "golden rain" poured on me.

I cherish his teaching and I strive to develop this martial art, Aikido.

I hope that these words and teachings will be of value and use as an excellent guide to those who practice Aikido.

May, 2002

Aikido Yawatahama City Aikai

Director of the Practice Hall Yoshitaka Koshimizu

■The training meeting at Aikido Yawatahama City Aikikai in October of 1993

・Those who study and practice Aikido are all brothers
・When Aikido prevails, a town will be enlightened and peaceful
・A vegetarian diet makes one gentle
・The degree of black belt means how broadminded the person is
 and of how high a caliber
・Cultivate your sixth sense
・Cherish the techniques
・Lead an opponent freely as if his or her mind is in your palm
・Create the positive (+) and the negative (-)
・Receive with ki (spirit) first of all, then ordinary movements after that
・Give and add △○□ into the techniques

■The training meeting at Aikido Yawatahama City Aikikai in September of 1994

・It is important how you approach and turn
・ Receive with ki (spirits) , then pat the opponent's head, and move the body
・When an opponent "wants to seize your hand," let him or her catch it
 (leading of ki) and be satisfied
・Treat an opponent as if you were treating a child but with the mind of an adult
・If the opponent holds your upper half do the omote (front) techniques,
 and if its your lower half do the ura (back) techniques
・The 21st century will be the days of Aikido (by Master Morihei Ueshiba)
・A child who is devoted and dutiful to his parents does not get ill
・Relaxation is useful for application to uke ( a break-fall)
・Lead the opponent as if his or her mind is in your palm
 The opponent is light because the mind's in your palm
・Aikido produces ki (spirit)
 The way of winning of Aikido is not visible
・Move forward with your stomach, then the opponent must receive
 your ki (you win without fighting)
・Do not invite repulsion of each other
・Technique without spirit does not work, just as a dance without the spirit is
 difficult to observe

■The training meeting at Aikido Yawatahama City Aikikai in April of 1996

・Move half a step forward; then the opponent will withdraw backward
 Move with your stomach
 Pivot sharply. Turn 180 degrees
・Foster yourself (Work as if you were the president of a company)
・Your body is the essence. Use your body, not your hands
・Aikido is the absolute martial art without equal
・Lead the opponent's mind (leading of ki)
・Train your invisible mind
・Guide others to move toward the good spirit
・Contact with the opponent with affection
 Just move as if you would pat his or her head whoever the opponent is
・Movement should follow the flow of nature (health)
・Unreasonable movement will appear when you try to throw an opponent
・Show your apology and gratitude by saying "Thank you very much,"
 or "I am sorry." expressing gratitude or pardon on your knees on the tatami mat
・By practicing you rid your mind of dirt and garbage
 You feel refreshed
・You shouldn't oppose the opponent
 You cannot lose to anyone because you contend with no one.
・The purpose of Aikido is to brighten the world
 The 21st century will be the days of Aikido.
・There are no techniques to hurt or impair the opponent in Aikido
・Do not throw an opponent down by your strength
 Try to throw his or her mind, (not to rouse the opponent's repulsion)
・An opponent falls because he or she tries to get the better of you
 You need not fight against the opponent

■The special training meeting in Germany in September of 1996

・There can be no fight between an adult and a child. Please be an adult
・Try to give your ki
・Do not try to win, but try not to lose
・Don't throw an opponent down, but try to guide him or her to fall down
・Don't attack with the intent to hurt
・The real practice and study of Aikido is to get rid of the mind which tries to
 throw an opponent down
・There is a core (ki) even in the soft
・When you sit down the opponent will fall down,
 and when you walk the opponent will tumble
・Allow "the opponent" to move toward you smoothly
 (Son't pull or force the movement)
・It is important how you approach and turn, in which there is a technique
・ When you show your self-centeredness only, no one will follow you
・ It is important for you to consider how Aikido will root, branch,
 and flower from now on


■The Aikido demonstration meeting, commemorating the 35th year of Kochi Prefecture Branch in November of 1996

・Aikido is not the martial art for felling the opponent,
 but for throwing the opponent's mind
 Your body can get the better of the opponent's mind
・ Create a flow according to the laws of nature
 And add a circle to the flow, a circle being something not rigid or uneven
・Use the strength of ki, not physical strength
 Do not try to fell an opponent by muscular strength
・Utilize the rule of △○□
 These are the figures of the conformity of the mind and body
・Move half a step forward and pivot sharply
 This is so called the triangular method
・Humans must breathe
 Control the opponent with this breathing and utilize your ki
・In Aikido the opponent's mind is held in your palm and played as it it were dice,
 without consciously trying to fight (remarks of the Founder)
・A technique will be produced when you move
 Combine the variations utilizing the flow, physical strength and ki strength

■The training meeting at Aikido Yawatahama City Aikikai in April of 1997

・In Aikido you can fell an opponent with only one finger
・Make the variations on each technique as surely as there are four seasons
 and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west
・ Receive with ki (spirits), then behave ordinarily
 When you become calm and usual your opponent will also become disheartened
 with his or her strength
 The opponent does not feel angry or defeated even if he or she is thrown down
・ Receive with ki (spirits), then pat the opponent's head, move the body
・Do not release the opponent's hold on your body
 In a sense the opponents's hand cannot be put off
・It's not good to use your hands
 Don't move your hands
 Move forward half a step without bothering with your hands
 Your stomach will be forward
 Utilize the pivot (how to approach and turn)
・Master Ueshiba was destined to do Aikido by God
 (conformity of God and mankind)
・Aikido can change a villain into a virtuous man
 It can also turn vice into virtue (the deeds of God)
・You need not fight or argue (spirit of harmony, spirit of affection)
・Do not hurt or injure others
 Contact others with an affectionate heart
・Winning is one thing, not losing is another completely
・The ki of mankind is directly connected with the universe
 The universe and humans seem to blend into one
・Mankind cannot break or destroy the universe

・Move your mind first then follow with the body
 Aikido is the only martial art in which when the opponent approaches you to
 catch hold of your body you are willing to guide his or her mind to seize you as
 if welcome
・Let the opponent's mind stay in your palm, and play with that mind
 Treat it just like dice
・Practice Aikido with a carefree and relaxed spirit
 The statue of Master Ueshiba in Tanabe City looks as though he supports the
 great universe with his arms
・ Your feeling should be as if you have become a great universe yourself
・The opponent's mind is shifted to your side
・Humans can live because they breathe
 The techniques live and they also breathe
 There is breath and life in each technique.
・A green plant breathes, but withered trees don't
 The former does not break but the latter breaks easily
 Do not kill the techniques
・You cannot do Aikido without your mind
 When you try to throw or hold an opponent down with your hands or legs,
  it is as if a doll moves
 You must draw out the characteristics of human beings when you face human
・Make the best of your present circumstances. (the square technique)
 Let us move forward peacefully, and spend our lives cheerfully
・Move forward with your stomach
 Your feet come forward once your stomach goes forward
 The opponent feels fearful when you approach with your stomach
・Do not try to throw with your hands
 Utilize your whole body to throw an opponent down
・Strive to become a supple or pliant body, then you won't be injured when you
 fall, otherwise you could injure yourself
・It is not a good idea to have only good experiences and fortune
 Think of others
・It is refreshing when you are thrown down in Aikido
・It is pleasant to understand the ideology of Aikido

The training meeting in 1997, centered around Master Takaichi Sayanagi

■The Aikido demonstration meeting, commemorating the 20th year of Nakamura City Aikikai in November of 1997

・It seems appropriate to create the positive(+) when you exhale,
 and the negative (-) when you inhale

■The training meeting at Aikido Yawatahama City Aikikai in December of 1997

・Produce ki from your palm, not from the fist but the open palm
・Succeeding in studies is the same as producing ki
・You can do things when you eagerly want to accomplish them
 This is also the same as when you move forward just half a step
・You should give the opponent the clear ki
・Many people mistake the meaning of Ai in Aiki(合気)
 It is the same as love (愛気、affectionate ki)
・Do not give only lip service to others
 A real friendship will occur when you interact with others frankly with
 your real intentions and true feelings
・How you approach and turn is important
 Do not use your hand but utilize the pivot
・A boat rowed by only hands will go in circles
・Everyone breathes
 Each technique also has breath

■The training meeting at Aikido Yawatahama City Aikikai in April of 1998

・When you talk, it is desirable to talk frankly
 In other words, you should have a heart-to-heart talk
 You cannot hate or dislike any type of person when he or she approaches you
・Put the opponent's mind in your palm by adding your techniques positive (+)
 or negative (-)
・Move forward just under a sword
 The opponent has difficulty using the sword if you are under it
・Do not use your hands, but utilize your body, which is like the trunk of a tree
・Take a stand against your opponent with affection and love