The spirit of Aikido is "harmony."
Let us always concentrate on "the transcendental reason of no competition" and make friends with the peoples of the world.

A life without affection, gratitude, and prayer is one of darkness.
We should always become familiar with all the people by saying grace together in appreciation of the blessings of heaven and earth, and keeping the teaching of "the spirit of protecting all things under the sun."

The love of heaven and earth is vast and limitless.
We always believe the mind of heaven and earth to be our mind and try to contribute to the prosperity of society and the country by loving our motherland.

The way of life means "to live with an the ordinary mind."
We always try to proceed in the correct way with courage and belief, to be cautious about our words, to abandon our egoism, and to obtain love and respect from the public.

The life of a person should be to continue study and training.
We should always improve our techniques and art with indomitable will and try to develop this art by training a sound mind and strong body.

I received the above creed from the deceased Master Takaichi Sayanagi in May, 1998.

I will live from now on by cherishing this creed and strive to develop this art.